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If You're Doing This - It Can Trigger Anxiety, Depression, Dizziness and...

Tiredness, tremors, loss of appetite, anxiety, skin rashes constipation and overall weakness. Don't make this mistake which can set into motion a vicious cycle of decreasing health- ask these 5...

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How Clothes Are Polluting the Food Supply

21 Feb 2017 | 99,043 Views

When you wash these clothes, they can wreak havoc on waterways, fish and wildlife. Washing them in this type of washing machine, attaching this type of filter and reducing the frequency at which you wash these types of clothes can make a big difference, significantly reducing the environmental impact of your clothing.

Americans Have a Right to Basic Lab Tests

21 Feb 2017 | 24,597 Views

As Americans become increasingly interested in taking control of their health, access to basic lab tests, without a doctor's visit, is a logical next step. Currently, some states allow direct-to-consumer lab testing while others prohibit it, although access, driven by consumer demand, is becoming increasingly widespread.

Research on Astaxanthin Demonstrates Significant Whole Body Benefits

20 Feb 2017 | 129,825 Views

Has a massive surplus of antioxidants, which remain active long after others call it quits. And it acts on at least 5 inflammation pathways and can take out multiple free radicals at once via electron dislocation resonance. Here's how to make it work for you.

How to Remove Water From Your Ear

18 Feb 2017 | 65,878 Views

Nobody likes getting water in their ears, but getting it out sometimes causes even worse problems, depending on the method used to extract it. Knitting needles, pens and bobby pins could actually perforate your eardrum or cause a serious infection. What’s the best way to extract water from your ears?

The Scary Reason Healthy People Die After an ER Visit

15 Feb 2017 | 70,766 Views

Over 130 million people visit the emergency room each year. Unfortunately, nearly 10,000 of them die within the first 7 days if they were not admitted to the hospital. I'll share strategies you may use to reduce that risk.

Get the Most From Your Green Tea

13 Feb 2017 | 46,694 Views

Green tea, particularly the matcha variety, contains high amounts of the polyphenol epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which has 25 to 100 times more antioxidant activity than even vitamins C and E. It’s crucial to know what kind of green tea to use, as well as how to prepare it.

Sauna Therapy May Reduce Risk of Dementia and Boost Brain Health

09 Feb 2017 | 206,620 Views

Stunning 2-decade study showed a dramatic 66 percent reduction in dementia, even after accounting for other lifestyle factors. Increases focus and attention, promotes myelin growth, boosts BDNF and growth factors, prevents clogging of proteins - and that's just the beginning.

The Case Against Charred Foods and Why Potato Salad May Be the Healthiest Way to Eat Potatoes

08 Feb 2017 | 180,369 Views

Many people may know this cancer-causing and potentially neurotoxic chemical lurks in crackers, toast, chips and fries, but few know that it's also found in breakfast cereals and the cup of Joe you might drink each morning.

Gout: Why You Need to Be Careful of Conventional Medical Advice

08 Feb 2017 | 59,670 Views

This inflammatory arthritic condition may become chronic, but is preventable and treatable using natural methods. The scientific community is not currently united about how the condition should be treated and recommendations may be tainted by Big Pharma financial relationships.

What's so Great About Ghee?

06 Feb 2017 | 59,960 Views

Ghee, a type of clarified butter, has a set of attributes you may decide outweighs butter's. It has a longer shelf life - naturally rather than artificially - and has a singular, caramel-like essence. It also has many other benefits, and it's easy to make at home using a simple, two-step process.


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