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If You're Doing This - It Can Trigger Anxiety, Depression, Dizziness and...

Tiredness, tremors, loss of appetite, anxiety, skin rashes constipation and overall weakness. Don't make this mistake which can set into motion a vicious cycle of decreasing health- ask these 5...

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Heartburn Drugs Increase Mortality — How to Safely Address Indigestion

19 Jul 2017 | 120,086 Views

Seems like quick relief, but comes with endless problems. Promotes pathogens like H. pylori, C. difficile and campylobacter. Raises your heart attack risk even without prior history. Leads to bad cognitive symptoms and dementia in just one week of use. Worth it? Avoid this like the plague.

Sugar During Pregnancy Linked to Allergies

19 Jul 2017 | 13,758 Views

Sugar has a profound effect on your health and the health of your unborn child. Recent research discovered eating sugar during pregnancy increases your child's risk of asthma and allergies. I'll give you strategies to reduce your sugar intake and curb sweet cravings.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Hearing Aids?

19 Jul 2017 | 32,303 Views

Nearly 48 million Americans have some hearing loss but only 20 percent wear hearing aids. The cost of hearing aids may be up to $5,000, but isn't covered by Medicare or many private insurance companies. I'll give you several strategies to protect and support your hearing, and over-the-counter options that may help if your hearing is less than perfect.

A Million Bottles Per Minute

18 Jul 2017 | 12,218 Views

Our throwaway society has gotten so out of control that we're purchasing 1 million plastic bottles worldwide every minute, mostly for bottled water. Meanwhile, single-use plastic utensils and straws are polluting our oceans and their inhabitants including the seafood that humans eat. A simple solution - forgo the use of single-use plastics - exists, but increasing awareness is key for it to catch on.

What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

15 Jul 2017 | 55,820 Views

Although you likely recognize brushing your teeth as important, you may not be aware of what can happen if you forego this indispensable health habit. Also, you'll want to check out some of the most common mistakes people make related to oral hygiene.

Most Americans Suffer From Nature Deficiency Syndrome

13 Jul 2017 | 157,201 Views

Since its inception into the national health program in 1982, researchers have spent millions of dollars testing its efficacy - and the documented benefits are remarkable. Also: a quick mood booster - just hold this for 20 minutes.

Study: Viewing Puppy Photos Can Increase Loving Feelings

13 Jul 2017 | 15,830 Views

When people viewed photos of their spouses alongside positive photos, it led to greater relationship satisfaction. Can you harness this power of associative learning in your own relationships and other areas of your life?

Dangerous Cosmetics Causing Major Harm to Skin

12 Jul 2017 | 27,766 Views

The number of reported adverse effects from personal care products is rising, and may actually be higher than what is reported to the FDA. I'll give you strategies to protect yourself from heavy metals, plasticizers and toxic chemicals in your everyday products.

Does Your Dental Floss Contain Toxic Nonstick Coating?

12 Jul 2017 | 33,262 Views

Flossing helps remove debris and bacteria from between your teeth and reduces the probability of periodontal disease. However, you may be inadvertently depositing perfluorinated chemicals adjacent to your gums as many commercially available flosses are made from, or coated with, Teflon.

Wallpaper Can Be a Source of Toxic Mold

12 Jul 2017 | 127,799 Views

Just because your doctor can't diagnose it, it doesn't mean it's not real - so don't let them tell you it's 'imagined' or accuse you of fabricating it - here's what you must know to avoid ending up on a psychologist's couch.


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