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If You're Doing This - It Can Trigger Anxiety, Depression, Dizziness and...

Tiredness, tremors, loss of appetite, anxiety, skin rashes constipation and overall weakness. Don't make this mistake which can set into motion a vicious cycle of decreasing health- ask these 5...

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25 Most Shocking Medical Mistakes, and How You Can Protect Yourself

18 Nov 2017 | 116,587 Views

You likely deem it a health safe zone. But there's a dark side that's widely underreported. And that's what makes it far more risky than you're being led to believe. What you don't know could kill you or a loved one, so you owe it to yourself to heed these 25 safety tips.

How Often Should You Poop?

18 Nov 2017 | 56,519 Views

Although the title may be a little off-putting, you might be surprised to learn how crucial it is to your health to engage in this activity at 'regular' intervals. Failure to do so may be an indication that something's amiss, but how do you know what's normal and what's not? Here's the scoop on the importance of poop.

What You Can Learn From Other People’s Regrets

16 Nov 2017 | 159,854 Views

Please don't let this slip under your radar - or you'll be kicking yourself at the end of your life. Also includes four other big regrets and how to ensure you don't end up swallowing one of these bitter pills that can lead to misery.

Pesticides Implicated in Infertility

15 Nov 2017 | 114,334 Views

It now affects nearly half the men in most developed nations - along with millions of women. At a time in their lives when this should definitely not be an issue. So what gives? Researchers were speechless at the results, which have severe implications for the future of human life.

Foods That Prevent Inflammation Also Enhance Your Brain Function

15 Nov 2017 | 40,153 Views

Chronic inflammation plays a pivotal role in the development of disease and chronic illness. Research has found chronic inflammation may also reduce your brain volume and cognitive performance as you age. I'll share simple strategies to reduce inflammation and enjoy better health.

More Proof Heartburn Products Are Dangerous

15 Nov 2017 | 33,953 Views

Heartburn is a common condition that affects nearly 60 million at least once a month. Research shows prevalence is rising. Popular heartburn products are not the answer and now are associated with yet another health problem. I'll give you strategies to reduce or eliminate your heartburn naturally.

GMO Golden Rice Is Fake News Propaganda

14 Nov 2017 | 13,371 Views

Golden Rice, a genetically engineered rice that contains beta-carotene, is still being touted as the solution to vitamin A deficiency, but even after 20-plus years of research, it has failed to deliver on its promise. Meanwhile, breastfeeding, vitamin A supplementation and vitamin A-rich foods already exist to combat the nutrient deficiency.

Straws Suck, Join No Straw November

14 Nov 2017 | 15,251 Views

It may seem harmless, but plastic straws are a major source of plastics pollution in the oceans. Do you really need one with every beverage? Join the growing movement of people who are ditching straws in favor of the environment during No Straw November.

Will Inclusion of Hydroponics Be the Death Knell of Organic Standards?

14 Nov 2017 | 102,113 Views

As organic food sales soar, the big wigs have found a way to weasel in on the action - and this failure to ban a growing method that produces fruit and vegetables frequently lower in nutrition than conventionally grown produce may be the final straw.

Vitamin K2 — A Crucial Ingredient for Heart and Bone Health

13 Nov 2017 | 161,692 Views

Even 10-year studies with thousands of people showed this remarkable result - a 7-year longer life - with lowest rates of heart disease and death, and reversal of clogged arteries. It could also save you from osteoporosis and debilitating fractures. All this had scientists stupefied.


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