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How Alcohol Damages Your DNA

17 Jan 2018 | 29,543 Views

Alcohol has known dangerous effects on your liver, brain and heart. The World Health Organization IARC has classified alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen. Research now demonstrates what triggers the damage to your cells.

Pesticides Are Found in 85 Percent of Fresh Produce

16 Jan 2018 | 19,521 Views

In a sampling of nearly 6,000 fruits and vegetables, nearly all apples and grapes were contaminated with pesticide residues, as were a high percentage of many other types of fresh produce. Avoiding such residues is now the No. 1 reason why people buy organic.

Go Grass Fed Organic — AGA Certified

16 Jan 2018 | 129,639 Views

It may be the most innocent of death traps, exposing you to multidrug-resistant pathogens, E. coli and Staph aureus. Not to mention a pathetic nutrient profile. Gain new health strides and flavor in 2018 by ditching it in favor of the new option highly acclaimed by chefs and foodies alike.

Is Fermented Blueberry the Most Powerful Tonic?

15 Jan 2018 | 32,783 Views

Blueberries have long been regarded as an antioxidant superfood, as well as an excellent source of vitamins K1, C and B6. Now, studies suggest consuming fermented blueberries offers even more benefits, including protection from diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases.

Benefits of Coffee and Tea

15 Jan 2018 | 354,660 Views

Studies show it improves blood flow and makes your arteries relax. Even better, it's linked with reduced all-cause and cardiac mortality and is a flab-burning godsend. And there's more. Just be sure you allow for these caveats so you don't negate the benefits.

Improve Your Health by Avoiding Pesticides

14 Jan 2018 | 131,289 Views

Worldwide, farmers apply nearly 5 billion pounds of glyphosate onto farm crops each year. Human urine output of this likely carcinogen shot up by more than 1,200 percent between 1993 and 2016. It's applied to about 70 commonly consumed crops, including wheat, oats and avocados. Get this done today.

Stubborn, Optimistic, Purposeful People Live Longer

13 Jan 2018 | 38,850 Views

How is it possible that researchers studying groups of people who’ve lived almost a century found that many of the much younger relatives of the almost-centenarians may have been in better physical shape, but the oldsters enjoyed better mental health? Is it all about attitude, or is there more than that?

Fiber Is Your Food Foundation

11 Jan 2018 | 127,630 Views

And it's positive communication, too, providing you with protection against a number of different diseases, helping you slim down and even reducing your risk of premature death from any cause. Most people don't get enough, so be sure you make this a priority in the new year.

Essential Oils Lower Blood Pressure

11 Jan 2018 | 42,858 Views

High blood pressure affects between 30 and 50 percent of Americans. Before you consider a chemically based treatment from your physician, consider using safe and effective essential oils to reduce your cortisol levels and your blood pressure.

Give Up Soda

10 Jan 2018 | 194,502 Views

Do wonders for your health this new year by axing this sweet vice from your life. Not only can a small amount potentially harm your heart, it can also make you more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, obesity, gout and, heaven forbid, a life-threatening neoplasia. A word to the wise, give it up today.